How the real world affects our knight game

The three-day medieval festival “knights, bards, bag cutters” takes place every year at the castle ruin Hilpoltstein, germany. For us and for our knight game, Iron Blood a learning resource and a source of inspiration.

A table full of goods, including a raven. An inspiring sight for our knight game!

Real life references for our knight game

Doing art for a video game can be tricky.
Does the model fit into the game? What about the material definition? Does it really look like metal? Does the map look good? How is the lightning? Is the polycount exceeded? Many questions and no answer?

Knight Game - Old, Corroded Knight Helmet
An old, slightly corroded, medieval helmet.

That´s fact: looking at real life references, doesn’t help you shrink the polycount of a model. Neither helps it improving the lightning in a level or finding bugs in your games code. But what it does, is to help you create worlds more accurate, believeable and realistic.

Knight Game - Two knights in a show battle.
Two knights in a show battle.

Now that you have seen it with your own eyes and felt it with your own hands, you now have a much better understanding of how to bring a piece from the real world into the digital world. You saw how old metal looks and where it corrodes, you openend the visor of the medieval helmet and you understood how the mechanics work and you saw how a wooden shield splinters when it gets hit by a morning star.

At the end all this knowledge will lead to a more believeable and more realistic looking video game. The examples above are related to the topics modeling and proportions, material definition, animation and particles.

Knight Game - Clean Knight Helmet From Metal
Compared to the helmet above, this one looks much cleaner and newer.

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