Combat in our knight game


We thinkt that it´s time to describe how we plan to implement the combat system of our knight gameIron Blood. We want to describe you how the controls work, what you can do to beat your enemy and ways and means to stay alive!

How the controls work in our knight game…

Forget about your expensive gaming mouse.
To play our knight game, Iron Blood both hands have to use the keyboard! Let´s start with the left hand.

The typical first person shooter keys : W, A, S and D are responsible for your knight´s movement.

In order not to have to run backwards, you can turn your knight with the keys Q and E. Running backwards is still possible!

Knight turns 180°!

The thumb of your left hand controls the space key.
Space is used to perform attacks in our knight game.

Your right hand is on the arrow keys. The arrow keys are needed to block/parry.

How to attack enemy knights and monsters…

As already mentioned above, the spacebar is the key to attack.
If you use the spacebar with the movement keys together, your knight will perform an attack.

Attacks from above…

A attack from above!

The keys A + W + Space, W + Space and W + E + Space will execute an attack from above.

Straight attacks…

A straight attack!

A + Space and D + Space will execute a straight attack.

Attacks from below…

An attack from below!

If you use the keys A + S + Space, S + Space or S + D + Space your knight will perform an attack from below.

Parrying and blocking…

Small parrying montage.

Now that you know there are three levels of attack, it’s time to explain how to parry and block!

As already mentioned earlier in this post, your right hand is at the arrow keys. The block system, in our knight game works similar to the attack system and is reaction based. If you want to block an attack from above, then you have to press the arrow key up at the right time. Straight attacks will be blocked by pressing arrow key left/right and attacks from below are parried if you press quickly arrow key down.

And that’s actually all the magic!

Dodging in our knight game…

Doding downwards!

Wait, there is one thing we want to mention before we finish this article. Did you ever played the game Unreal Tournament?

No? Well, here a short explanation about how dodging works in Unreal Tournament: If you tap the move button twice quickly then an dodge maneuver will be performed.

By our example that would mean , if you hit W, A, S, or D twice quickly, then your knight jumps aside and avoids being hit.

Knight dodges to the left!

A few final words…

Our knight game iron blood is in an early phase of development. The functions mentioned in this article are already implemented and working fine. Nevertheless, changes to the combat system in the further phase of development are possible.

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