Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight, role model and inspiration for our knight game Iron Blood

Moonstone and my childhood…

In the 90s, when I was 8 years old, my best friend and me were constantly on the move. We hang out, made nonsense, played war with green plastic soldiers, watched movies like Star Wars and…played on his father´s Commodore Amiga 600 a game called Moonstone – A Hard Day´s Knight. A really great knight game, which I almost forgot…

Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight

Moonstone is a commodore amiga game which was developed by Rob Anderson, published by Mindscape International Ltd. and released in the year 1991 on three 1,44MB floppydiscs. Knight game Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight is a mix between hack n slash, rpg and strategy.

At the beginning of the game, you must select one of four dreaded knights. Every knight has his own unique color and starts his tale from another starting point on the world map.

From left to right: Sir Godber in blue, Sir Richard in orange, Sir Jeffrey in green and Sir Edward in red! Of course, you can also rename your knight.

Sir Godber in blue starts his adventure in the misty moors, with their great tribes of vicious troggs, to the north-west of the map.

Sir Richard in orange, begins his journey in the northern wastelands, home of the giant Baloks, that inhabit this great rocky territory, to the north-east of the world map.

The green knight, Sir Jeffrey begins his quest for the moonstones in the great forest, which is infested with the cunning Ratmen, to the south-west of Moonstone´s world.

Last but not least, Sir Edward in red begins his quest for the moonstones in the deadly wetland´s, where the dreaded Mudmen stalk for human prey, to the south-east of Moonstone´s world map.

The world map of Moonstone A Hard Days Knight!

What is it about?

You, as a knight chosen by the druids, have the task of finding the moonstones and bringing them back to Stonehenge. The gods will bestow a fabulous gift to the greatest warrior in the land, a gift of ultimate power!

Any warrior considering such a quest must be prepared to wander the surrounding land, enduring many hardships, risking life and limb all the while.

How it´s played?

Moonstone is turn-based and can be played with up to four players local on one amiga. If you are alone, then the computer will control the remaining three knights.

At the merchant…

To complete the quest, you will have to assume the arms and armour of a knight. Then you must wander through the lands and defeat many different demons and retain their gold and magic treasures to increase your strength so that you might survive the perils of the shadowy half world that lies within.

Sir Godber is looting a treasure chest after the victory against a horde of troggs!

Only the one in possession of the four keys gains access to the most sacred place in the world of Moonstone, The Valley of the Gods… wherein can be found the mystical moonstones.

Moonstone A Hard Days Knight - Troll
Sir Edward in a heated fight against a troll demon!
The healer can heal your wounds and fill up your health points!

Beasts and Demons

Mudmen kill their prey by slinging them into the ground. Sir Edward, be brave!
Sir Richard fights for his life against a group of Troggs armed with hammers!
Sir Godber meets a horde of red-clad Troggs in the great forest!
Poor Sir Godber. He was impaled by a Trogg armed with a spear.
A Balok shakes and chokes Sir Richard to the point of unconsciousness.
A Trogg armed with a halberd trys to kill Sir Godber!
Sir Edward is fighting a group of Troll Demons!
“Beware of the dragon whose dark shadow sweeps the land!”
Sir Jeffrey was hung up by the evil Ratmen!
No luck for Sir Godber. He was impaled by a Trogg War Beast.

Moonstone and Iron Blood

So is Iron Blood a modern remake of the amiga classic Moonstone? No! We do not own any rights on the original Moonstone game. However, Iron Blood is highly inspired by this brillant knight game and will follow in every single aspect the path of role-model Moonstone A Hard Days Knight!

The green knight, Sir Jeffrey wanders through the sleepy highlands. Is a Balok-like monster waiting for him?

Moonstone for PC

If you want to travel back in time and play Moonstone – A Hard Days Knight on your PC, then i suggest you to take a look at the website of “The Company”. The Company offers Moonstone as standalone application and is ready to be played on your windows machine. Lightspeed loading times, no problems with the sounds and the best thing is that you don´t need an emulator! You can download Moonstone for your PC here.

If you want to know even more about Moonstone then I suggest you to take a look at the Moonstone Tavern and to grab a beer after a hard day’s knight!

Drinking beer and rolling the dice in the tavern…


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Thank you @PixelPauer!

We are working hard to deliver you a Demo very soon!

Best Regards,

I loved Moonstone and still play it every now an then on an Amiga Emulator, problem was and still is that it was always unstable and crashed a lot. Looking forward to a more modern remake. Hope you guys are making good progress.

Hey Lars,
we are still working on the Multiplayer-Battle-Demo.
There is not yet a single line of code for the single player campaign.

A release at the end of 2021 would be nice. But we can´t make any promises.

Thank you,

Thank you! We also waited a long time for a remake. Nothing happened. So we decided to make our own!

I will check the progresses of your game version because I’m interested in anything about Moonstone! Keep it up

Hey Tino, vielen Dank für deine Frage.
Sobald das Kampfsystem steht wird es etwas zu spielen geben. Es wird jedoch nur eine kleine Demo geben wo es möglich sein wird gegen einen Black Knight, gesteuert von der KI, anzutreten.
Alles weitere folgt dann nach und nach. Z.b. das Wandern auf der Weltkarte, das Looten usw…

Vielen Dank!

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