Here comes the Iron Blood Soundtrack

Sounds like Moonstone?

Hey people,

we know that most of you are eagerly waiting for the Iron Blood demo. We think that good things take time. So instead of the demo, today we can present you the official Iron Blood Soundtrack.

We tried to include the dark mood of Moonstone A Hard Days Knight, but at the same time we wanted to fill the soundtrack with our own ideas. Moonstone inspired us a lot for this soundtrack.

On the one hand dark and scary, on the other hand brave, heroic and combative.

The video also shows the map on which the demo battles will take place. It´s rendered inside the Unreal Engine 4.

We recommend headphones for the ultimate feeling!

So what do you think? Do you like it?


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Hello 😀
first of all: plz hurry up with Iron Blood ^^
second: Moonstone had a really unique and enjoyable multiplayer – would love to see something like that, but in online mode
third: Griefhelm is trash compared to what i see here
fourth: if u didnt had bad disc coppies of Moonstone for Amiga, u could kill that amazing Dragon – which i only did a few times – he roasts people 😀
fifth: dont forget the “ding doink ding doink” sound when the pigman gets u and shakes off ur head ;D
sixth: I am way to old ^^

Hey Gamemaster! Thank your for your comment.
The problem is that we are working in our full time jobs and that we can work on Iron Blood only in our free time. So it will take it´s time. A turn-based multiplayer is a great idea and we plan to involve that. Never heard about Griefhelm, but it looks like a cool game. The Dragon worked pretty well on my site ^^

See you soon,

Hello again – thx for ur answer.
I didnt know it is a free time project. Sadly I only can help with ideas (since I got more game experience than any other human being, I guess):). If u get the multiplayer non turn based and make it like u only got the same screen when 2 Knights face eachother, u could make a great game. Because, u could make a very fantasy like big map with certain locations and not reducing it to 4 Knights but maybe 20 :D. I know it is more work but if u do the basics right, it is not so much more. U could also make a teamplay option. What u will get is a Battle Royale in Moonstone style ^^. I am pretty sure Unreal can handle this ;D. If u could do so u will not get a niche only game, but a successful launch at steam. Also the game needs to be free with a skin shop / map expansions. If u do so, u can probably cancel ur full time jobs and get the real shit done :D.

Hey Roger!
Thank you for your comment!

Where could you be of help? Are you Artist or Programmer?

Thank you!

Well, not a programmer at all but i defend myself drawing my own rpg character, creatures and Lore based on Moonstone that someone with more skills can improve. I can help also writing down some lore for the world if you want. I just need a few hints of what Iron Blood is going to be, a Dark Fantasy, medieval based, or something else and i let flow my imagination. I think you’re doing a great job and i would be honored to help you.

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