Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight, now on!

Hey guys!

While you are certainly eagerly waiting for an update from our remake, the classic Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight has recently been made available for just € 5.99 at GOG.COM. Show some love and support Moonstone developer Rob Anderson with a purchase.

As a thank you, there is also an 8-page manual in .PDF format and a poster in .PNG format with a resolution of 4686×3196 pixels!

Here is the game description on GOG.COM:

A challenge has been set by the Druids of the High Temple! You and your tribe have to compete with up to three others to find the Moonstone and bring it back to the Stone Circle. The prize is ultimate power! Sounds simple enough if it wasn’t for the small matter of the Black Knights. They have other ideas. Their masters have sworn them to destroy the Moonstone – and you with it. They have a whole gang of extremely nasty friends to help them. These include hammer-wielding trogs, vicious Ratmen, Mudmen of the wetlands and the terrible lady known as The Guardian. Moonstone is a remarkable combination of fast, aggressive combat action and subtle role-play that, perhaps uniquely, challenges your brain – while it covers you in gore. Oh, by the way, if the sight of so much blood upsets you, don’t worry. The blood is an option!

So head over to GOG.COM and grab your copy!


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Hast du das Copyright zum Verkauf vom
Entwickler bekommen? Ich würde gerne ein Remastered für den Amiga rausbringen und wollte mich kurz wegen den aktuellen Copyrights erkundigen. Beste Grüße

Sven Henning

Hi Sven,
wie es um die Rechte aussieht, wissen wir zur Zeit selber nicht.
Deswegen ist der working Title unseres Spiels momentan nur “Iron Blood.”

Vielen Dank und beste Grüße,

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