Play against the black, dreaded knights! (Our Buggy Demo)

Hello folks!
After a long time of thinking I decided to upload the unfinished and bugged battle demo of our Moonstone remake and make it available for every fan.
Unfortunately my Unreal Engine programmer has hardly any time left for the project and maybe with this mini-demo I can find a new programmer for the project.

Please keep in mind that this is an unfinished demo, which still has several bugs and is not finished yet. Because of missing financial means a lot of stuff was created with Unreal Engine Marketplace Assets…unfortunately…

Start the game and select the option “Quick Battle” in the main menu, after you have chosen a knight the battle will start.

The controls are simple:
Use the W,A,S and D keys to move, the arrow keys to block and the spacebar in combination with the movement keys to attack. With CTRL you can kick the enemy. You can turn your knight with Q and E.
You can only parry successfully if you press the right arrow key. If the enemy attacks from above, you have to press the “arrow up” key.If an attack comes from below, you have to press the “Arrow Down” key to parry. The same applies to attacks from the left and right.

At the moment the game can only be ended with tricks like ALT+F4 😉

Decapitation works, but is not yet what it should be.

Click here to download the Demo.

I would be happy if you share the game on every possible platform, create videos on the popular platforms and tell me your opinion.

You are an Unreal Engine programmer/blueprinter, you can create combat systems and AI and you want to support the development of our Moonstone Remake? Then sign up via email: or use the contact form on the website!

Thanks a lot!


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Hey, just played it.
First of all, really cool, that you are doing this. I guess it’s A LOT of work but hope that in the end a fine game will come out of it 🙂
– Graphics / Game feels very slow on my i9-9900k (i think due to the early status, but might also be because i ran the game in Sandboxie due to the unknown developer/buggy demo status).

– Didn’t like two buttons (Q/E) for directional turning, would have preferred to have ONE button that would turn the knight around (from L to R or R to L) – for me that’d be more intuitive

– fighting feels cool, but at the moment for me it has the same ‘problem’ that OG Moonstone had as well – I’m not a skilled player so I usually just run around the enemy and dash the attack buttons trying to hit him somehow – there’s no tactical fighting element involved on my side (like trying to hit him in a special way or do block/attack combos). I don’t know how this could be solved, i guess the only way would be strong KI oponents that force you to fight skillfully as in 2d beat ’em ups in higher tiers

– setting backgrounds / knight graphics / knight movements look VERY GOOD!!!

Please continue to work on this!!
For now I love the atmosphere and the potential! And as i wrote the fighting+animations already feel very good (except for the low framerate).

All the best from Germany

Thank you Tobi! 🙂
Thanks for pointing out some very important things.

We? will try to improve it even more, add more SFX to the atmosphere, enhance the particles and the battle system generally. I hope that the coding department will have more time in the future, so that we can delvier you a much better and polished demo.

Thank you,

I have totally no idea how to attack. I think I tried each and every key on my keyboard and mouse buttons as well. WASD is for moving, arrow keys for blocking, Ctrl for kick, , numeric for taunts, but no attack buttons.

Oh, and Esc for menu and there is a button that invokes chat, but haven’t figured out which one.

Hey Borys,
thanks for testing the demo. The Spacebar is the Attack Key in combination with the movement keys.

Thanks once again,

Hey Elvis, love what you’re doing! Any update in the last 6 Months? What’s next on the roadmap?

Hey Mr.Minty!

Thanks for the Kind words. No Updates for Now. But the next step is to finish the Enemy Knight AI „The Black Dreaded Knights“ and then the World Map Traveling like in Moonstone A Hard Days Knight.

Thank you once again,

At the moment, we dont work on the game anymore.
We need financials and time. But we don´t call it “Dead”!

Thank you Zachar 😉

Yo i know Several friends of mine who would invest money in this game!
And many lakes makes and ocean!!
How Can we start a fond to give your guys enough money to finish the game??
Best of energy your Way.
Dear some Moonstone fans from Denmark

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