About Iron Blood, the knight game

High in the mountains…

Knight game? Iron Blood!

Our knight game Iron Blood is a mix between hack n slash and rpg and is crafted in a fantasy setting where evil monsters and wicked knights rule over the lands.

Take on the role of such a knight and rise from the ashes.

The Field Map Of The Knight Game : Iron Blood
The golden field map of our knight game – Iron Blood!


  • Melee combat action, played from a fixed sideview
  • Realistic graphics with the help of the unreal engine 4
  • Brutal battles with single- and multiplayer support
  • Knight and weapon customization system
  • Loot System
One of the swords you can plunder or buy…

The legend of the cursed king…

Once upon a time, a king named Berwick ruled over kingdom Raykath. Berwick was a king without compassion. He ruled brutal and merciless and was famous for his greediness. The tax payments were high and the wages were low. Even the smallest offenses were punished with brutal torture methods. While king Berwick was well, his folk mourned and starved to death. He did not care, because his greed for power and wealth was satisfied.

During his reign various factions tried to bring the king down, unsuccessful. Poisons poisoned the wrong ones and sword strokes did not hit. While some groupings prefer swords,axes and poison, the secret cult “Dark Eyes” dealt with magic. They made a curse to make the king sick and weak. Initially unsuccessful, it proved to be toxic and deadly over the next few years…

Deep in the woods…

Berwick, for some inexplicable reasons, became ill and weak, and was soon dying. Some felt that the plague had seized him. Others claimed that it was a punishment of god. Although he was doomed to death, he did not changed his greedy behavior and continued to seek power and wealth. He was of the opinion that everything material can be taken into the hereafter…

After his death, heir to the throne Yorick, the only son of Berwick ruled over Raykath. Yorick, called the timid was compared to his father a reserved and shy young man. He did not want to take the lead, stepped into the background and engaged in other things. He made others decide important decisions.

Yorick the timid was surprised of his father´s dead. He was not sure why his father has become so groundless ill and died. Because of his father’s inexplicable death, Yorick was convinced that his father’s treasure was cursed. He wanted to cede his inheritance and rule Raykath more peacefully.

To distance himself from the curse, he hid the treasure in his father’s grave. The key to the tomb Yorick hid in a secret place in Raykath.

Then he made a card containing the path to the key, quartered the card and hid it in the most dangerous places in Raykath.

“The one who is brave and strong enough to find the key to my father’s treasure is stronger and more resilient than any curse!” Yorick said to his people!

The strange-sounding message got around quickly. Since then, Raykath has been haunted by godless monsters, robbers, and dark knights who have only one thing in mind: grabbing the treasure of the late king Berwick.

The descendents of the cult “Dark Eyes” were not satisfied with the statement of Yorick. They believe that the treasure belongs to them because they are responsible for the death of King Berwick. They kill anyone who gets in their way.

Close-Up shot of the sword…

Target Platform

The target platform of Iron Blood is the PC. We aim to deliver our game in the future also on consoles!


Our knight game, Iron Blood will be released in the near future…